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Aligning with Life's Deepest Principles

Learn to Be in Sync with the Natural Flow of Life

Thomas Hübl is a visionary teacher, innovator, and founder of the Academy of Inner Science, which promotes the study of the principles of mysticism and human inner development. Originally a student of medicine and the physical sciences, for the past 15 years Thomas has dedicated himself to exploring how mystical knowledge can help fill in the gaps in science.

Thomas’s work explores the leading edge of personal and collective transformation, combining meditative practices, somatic and subtle awareness, and conscious cultural engagement. Through in-person and online courses, Thomas has taught thousands of people how to awaken their highest potential by combining contemplative practices with the cutting edge of human developmental science. 

Thomas is also is co-founder of the Pocket Project, a global initiative whose mission is to integrate and heal collective trauma and reduce its effects worldwide. An activist for the cause of global healing, Thomas created the Celebrate Life Festival, which has taken place annually since 2004 and offers a profound experiential immersion in human and cultural transformation.

During this course you will:

Do you remember the last time you were "in the flow," and everything just seemed to click? At that moment you felt energized and focused, able to act with ease. Have you wondered how you could experience that flow more often?

Thomas Hübl says that being in the flow doesn't only happen spontaneously, it is something we can learn to practice. He teaches that in those moments we are actually tapping into the “creative impulse of the universe.” We are in sync with the flow of life itself, the Hidden Law imprinted in our nervous system.

In his new six-month course, Thomas will teach principles and practices that help to sharpen our awareness of the Hidden Law and reveal where we are out of alignment. He will guide us to locate and dissolve the energetic blocks and karmic conditioning that obstruct our natural flow. 

Thomas will also lead us to examine how our social, economic, and cultural systems are out of alignment with the Hidden Law, and how we can take responsibility for restoring balance to those systems, both as individuals and as a community.

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Develop Insight

Sharpen your awareness of the Hidden Law to reveal areas in your life that are out of alignment.

Embody Your Spirituality

Connect the dots between your spiritual practice and your everyday actions to experience greater wholeness and well-being.

Attune to Your Nervous System

Develop confidence in your ability to read the signals from your nervous system that serve as guideposts to the future.

Address Individual and Collective Trauma

Apply your insights to address personal trauma and contribute to collective healing.

Improve Relationships

Learn to release stuck patterns in relationships and be more present when communicating with others.

Illuminate Your Life’s Work

Discover how your work in the world can be better aligned with your life's deeper purpose.

Course participants will also receive access to recorded dialogues between Thomas and special guests. Thomas's roster of guests includes professionals who are at the leading edge of innovation, study, or research in their respective disciplines.

Special Guest Dialogues

Study Mystical Principles with Thomas

Since 2014, Thomas Hübl has taught a series of online courses, attended by thousands of students from more than 30 countries.

For The Hidden Law, a continuation of the Mystical Principles stream ("MP5"), Thomas will again gather with a global, virtual community for an intensive, six-month exploration of life's deepest questions, challenges, and possibilities.

Studying the Mystical Principles means becoming an “inner scientist,” utilizing meditation and deep inquiry to expand our awareness and develop our capacities to perceive subtler levels of reality. Thomas Hübl brings a fresh, contemporary, and embodied approach to this inner work.

Whether you have taken previous Mystical Principles courses, or you are new to Thomas' work, we invite you to join us for The Hidden Law. To prepare for the course, you'll get immediate access to a library of recorded teachings and guided meditation that provide an introduction to the teachings on Mystical Principles.

What is it like to take an online course with Thomas?

"Thomas takes essential concepts from the mystical traditions and gives them a contemporary expression that we can relate to right now."

- HILORIE B., Psychotherapist

Here's What You'll Receive

Live Course Sessions & Q&A

The course is conducted via 12 two-hour, live video conference sessions with Thomas. Each session includes both teaching and live Q&A between Thomas and participants.


You’ll receive transcripts of all 12 course sessions, including timestamps and an index of topics. Read online or download and print. Transcripts are also provided in German.

Graphic Illustrations

Graphic drawings for each course session provide a beautiful visual guide to the material presented by Thomas.

Mentoring Groups & Triads 

You’ll meet regularly with a smaller group of participants for discussion and integration of the course material. You may also choose to be matched with two other participants in a “triad” that meets throughout the course.

Guided Meditations  

Thomas begins each course session with a guided meditation. Recordings of these meditations are made available as separate audio files for use in your own daily meditation practice.

About Thomas Hübl

Registration for this course is now closed. 

Course Session Schedule


9am PT / 12pm ET / 18:00 CEST / 17:00 GMT / 19:00 Israel

Saturday, May 12 

Sunday, May 20* 

Sunday, June 3 

Sunday, June 24 

Sunday, July 8 

Sunday, July 15

Sunday, August 26 

Sunday, September 16 

Saturday, September 22

Sunday, October 14

Sunday, October 21

Saturday, November 10

What Students Are Saying

"I feel truly blessed and very grateful for having stumbled upon Thomas and his teachings. There is so much love and support…. It is quite amazing how deep this work is." 

— Jenny Li H., Veterinarian, 
Hai'ku, Hawaii, USA

"Thomas has an incredible way of seeing everyday things from different perspectives. This brings me out of my habitual way of being and opens me to deeper and clearer ways of understanding my life and the context within which I live." 

— Leilani J., Psychologist, 
Rocklin, California, USA

"The practices and tools taught in Thomas's courses have cultivated in me a level of spiritual awareness that has transformed my life. I feel more grounded, present, and available, and more attuned to my purpose and passions, and thus much better able to contribute to the world."

— Nancy J., Educator, 
Longmont, Colorado, USA

Acclaim for Thomas Hübl

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“I have found Thomas Hübl’s work with collective healing to be tremendously innovative and eye-opening. This type of engagement with what appears to be 'other' is what we need, in my opinion, to learn what it truly means to take multiple perspectives and live in an open-hearted way.”

— Tami SimonFounder and publisher, Sounds True

“When Thomas Hübl teaches, a clean, fresh, spacious clarity naturally opens up in and among people—shifting the energy of the room. His presence functions as a kind of permission, and the group field opens in a beautiful, unmistakable way.”

— Terry Patten, Author, A New Republic of the Heart

“Thomas Hübl is a spiritual teacher for our time, illumined and practical, rational and deeply profound. He is at once sharp and cutting, yet gentle, receptive, and compassionate. You can’t help but expand in his presence.”

— Diane Musho HamiltonAuthor, The Zen of You and Me and Everything Is Workable

“Thomas Hübl enables people to come into a deeper understanding of presence, compassion, transparency and authenticity. He shows us how to link our developing self-awareness with our potential to be of service in society.”

— Scilla ElworthyAuthor, The Business Plan for Peace and Co-Founder, Rising Women, Rising World


Dr. Stephan Breidenbach is a university teacher, mediator and entrepreneur. He is the founder of socially conscious projects and companies (including and was one of the main coordinators for Chancellor Merkel's Dialogue on Germany's Future.


Dra. Flavia Valgiusti is a professor of neuroscience and law in Argentina, a former judge, and an author, speaker, and trainer of judicial professionals. Her work integrates law and spirituality within a vision of "essential justice."

*This session starts one hour later



Christina Bethell, Ph.D, is the founding director of the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative and the National Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health. She is a professor for Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.


Cassandra Tucker, Ph.D, is a professor in the Animal Science department of UC Davis. Her research focuses on improving the care and welfare of cattle including decision-making processes for controversial procedures, management, and housing design.

You'll get immediate access to more than four hours of recorded teachings and guided meditation with Thomas that provide an introduction to his teachings on Mystical Principles.

These videos include German translation and transcripts are provided in both English and German. In addition, you'll receive video summaries of Core Principles presented by senior students.

Whether you have taken other courses in the Mystical Principles series, or you are completely new to Thomas Hübl’s work, you’ll receive this library of materials at no extra charge.

You'll Also Receive Immediate Access to the BONUS Library of Mystical Principles Teachings



  • 4+ hours of video teachings from Thomas, in English with German subtitles, covering core concepts from the first three courses in the Mystical Principles series
  • Transcripts in both English and German
  • A Light and Presence Guided Meditation audio recording
  • 3 hours of “Core Principles” videos summarizing key concepts

These additional study materials are included in your tuition!

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“Thomas Hübl has a unique ability to uncover the underlying dynamics of individual and collective trauma that block the resolution of conflicts. With compassion and insight, Thomas helps people heal their deepest wounds and access their highest potential to be of service in this troubled world.”

— William UryAuthor, Getting to Yes with Yourself


Matthew Fox is a spiritual theologian, Episcopal priest and author of 35 books on spirituality and culture including: Original Blessing, A Spirituality Named Compassion, Meister Eckhart: A Mystic-Warrior for Our Times and A Way To God: Thomas Merton's Creation Spirituality Journey.


Yehudit Sasportas is an Israeli artist and a senior professor at the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem. She represented Israel in the 2007 Venice Biennial, and has presented more than ten international solo exhibitions. Her work is focused on site-specific installations which include sculptures, drawings, video, and sound.

Our Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with The Hidden Law for any reason, you may cancel your participation within 10 days of the course start date (by May 23, 2018) and request either a full refund or credit for a future course. No refunds will be granted after that time.


Audio and video recordings of each course session are provided for streaming and download; they are yours to keep after the course ends. Subtitled videos are provided in German.


It’s not too late to join! Register now and receive the recording of session 1 plus access to the next live session on May 20.


1 payment of



6 payments of





It’s not too late to join! Register now and receive the recording of session 1 plus access to the next live session on May 20.


1 payment of




6 payments of




If you are currently or recently enrolled in another program with Thomas, you may be eligible for a student discount on your course tuition. Check your email for details or contact us.

If you are currently or recently enrolled in another program with Thomas, you may be eligible for a student discount on your course tuition. Check your email for details or contact us.

“Making space in my life for Thomas’ teaching has been the best gift I could give to my clients, my loved ones, myself. It helps me become more of who I am and serve more deeply.”

— Johanne L., Partner, McKinsey & Co. 
Toronto, Canada

“Thomas’ work as a modern spiritual teacher is absolutely convincing and irresistible in its clarity. The way Thomas bridges science and spirituality is really fascinating to experience. His teaching is tangible, practical, and feasible.”

— Udo G., Physicist
Frankfurt, Germany

"Thomas' sensitivity, depth and breadth of knowledge is exquisite. He is attuned, clear and kind and brilliantly channels the mystical principles in a way that makes them highly relevant to our lives in the marketplace."

— Michael R.., Psychotherpist 
Somerville, MA, USA

"It's hard to overstate the magnitude of change that's come into my life as a result of the last few years working with Thomas. With each piece of healing I start to really experience what it means to walk with a sense of presence and alignment and peace."

— Amy F., CEO, Mobius Executive Leadership, 
Boston, MA, USA

“The online course, when it comes right into your own living room, is a recharge of my brings me right back to my center.”

Scott L.

I’ve benefitted from this work in ways I can’t begin to list. The growth has been profound…the more I can be connected with myself, the more I can be connected with my clients.”

Martha H.

Students talk about their experiences of studying mystical principles with Thomas

"The Hidden Law is not like conventional "law," it's the law of life. Being in sync with that law allows life to unfold healthily and joyfully and creatively from one generation to the next."

- Thomas Hübl